24 fit camp challenge terms and conditions


In registering for this challenge you are aware of the conditions below:

  • All contestants entered into the body fat % category are eligible to win the prizes of the challenge providing that they maintain lean muscle mass by a minimum of a 5lb deficit to that of which they started the challenge at. Example below:

A contestant loses 15lbs of his/her overall body mass, 6lbs of this overall loss is contributed from the loss of lean muscle mass means that they ineligible to win this category.


  • All contestants entered into the muscle gain category cannot gain more than 2.5% body fat. If this happens you will be ineligible to win this category.
  • Contestants entered into the muscle mass gain category must read below 20% male and 25% female (non athletic readings) on our body composition scales.
  • Contestants will need to be 18 and over.
  • Contestants must attend a minimum of 12 fitness classes over the period. These are held on a Monday 6:30pm and Thursday evenings at 7:30pm at St Edwards Church Hall on London Road.
  • Contestants must attend full body analysis reading sessions which will take place once a month through the challenge and final readings at the end of each Challenge.  Challengers have responsibility in making appointments with thier Coach once a month.  No profit whatsoever is made on registration fees if any is charged.  Workout session fees only will be needed to secure your place.  These will cover prizes and expenses i.e cost of hall hire, celebration evening, printing etc.
  • All contestants are eligible to win local prize regardless of any nutritional programme they may be on or nutritional route that they decide works best for them.
  • There will be Herbalife nutrition available, however please note this is NOT a requirement and completely optional.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Advanced bookings are necessary to secure your place on the 90 Challenge to help us to keep running the Challenges.  We cannot guarantee you a place on the Challenge if you do not register and pay for your place in advance, as arrangements for equipment and hall hire is made in advance.
  • Lastly please note that the winners will be announced at the prize giving evening so you will need to be in attendance to be in with a chance of collecting a prize. If you are not in attendance it will go to the next winner in line.

Registration evening/morning are:

By appointment ONLY.

Weigh in dates are once a month:

It is the responsibility of participants to book a Free Consultation with their Coach each month during the Challenge

Final weigh in date:

Last Monday of the Month

Celebration evening is:

To be announced (Must be in it to win it)