Begin 2016 with a Bang!

Begin 2016 with a Bang!

Begin 2016 with a bang !! Get a new FIT YOU for 2016. It is never too late whatever your age! After a great end to last year with so many people losing body fat, increasing energy and getting fitter, Kettering based fitness class is starting again in January. We help people from all walks of life and whatever level of fitness. We will be sharing their stories here …This is Amy who started as a beginner with no energy to do anything other than a walk.  She is now able to do CobraFIT and loves coming to class and meeting everyone!  She has now lost 3 dress sizes and has more energy than previously.  She says ‘I have never felt this good..and it’s impacting my whole family.’  I love coming again and again – the atmosphere is extremely the socials too !’

Don’t be scared … Come and meet new friends. Places are limited. Reserve your place here! #kettering #fitcamp #getfit


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